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8 Surprising Ways Coconut Oil Makes You Prettier!

Our ever faithful coconut oil does so much more than you can imagine. With winter still freezing us, try these awesome uses of coconut oil to get amazing results! We bet you would have never thought of some of these tricks before!

What You Need: Coconut oil, baking soda, your favorite lipstick, sugar, cotton pads.

1. Lip Gloss

Matte lipsticks dry out the lips sometimes; dab some coconut oil on top of your lipstick to prevent dehydration and give it that extra shine!

2. Cuticle Cure

Dry hands and cuticles? Coconut oil will come to your rescue. Apply coconut oil on your cuticles and keep them moisturized and hydrated.

3. Shaving Cream

Whether you’ve run out of your shaving cream, or have extra sensitive skin, coconut oil will aid you! Apply coconut oil on sensitive skin for the perfect shave as it simultaneously moisturizes your skin.

4. Exfoliator

Winter makes skin dry and rough, and a sugar scrub and coconut oil is sure to take care of this. Take a bowl of sugar and add some coconut oil to it, apply it on your skin and rub get rid of dead skin cells.

5. Cream Blush

For everyone who has dry skin, this is the perfect solution. Apply coconut oil on your cheeks and then dab your favorite lipstick on your cheeks to get the perfect hydrated blush.

6. Makeup Remover

If you’ve finished your makeup remover or have very sensitive skin, use coconut oil to remove makeup without making the skin dry in the harsh winter season. This is very effective!

7. Under Eye Wrinkle Cream

We need to pay attention to the most sensitive area of our face – the eyes. Coconut oil can be used as an under eye cream. Take some coconut oil and tap softly in a round motion under the eye.

8. For Healthy Lashes

We tend to ignore our lashes, so show them some love by applying coconut oil to the lashes before sleeping for healthier lashes.

So, girls, these are the unusual uses of coconut oil that you have got to try now!

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Surprising Benefits Of Multani Mitti You Never Knew Before

Fuller’s earth better known as multani mitti, is one of the most popular beauty products in India. It helps to reduce acne, cleanses your skin deeply, does not have any side effects, and is affordable too. But, did you know that along with being used as a face pack, multani mitti can be used for other purposes also? Here, explore the multiple benefits of this product for your skin, hair, and home.

#1. Care for all skin types

Unlike most face packs, multani mitti can be used on any skin type. If you have oily skin, then simply mix multani mitti with rose water and apply it on your face. Those who have dry skin should add a paste of almond and milk to multani mitti and apply it regularly for nourishing their skin.

#2. Reduces pimples

The best way to soothe red angry pimples on your face is to use multani mitti. Mix it with tomato juice, turmeric and sandalwood (chandan) and apply it on your face for ten minutes to reduce the inflammation. To get rid of pimple marks, add neem paste, clove paste, camphor (kapur), and rose water to multani mitti and use it every week.

#3. As a body wash

Want an affordable and natural body wash, which will leave your skin soft and supple? Then mix a cup of oatmeal and neem powder along with a spoonful of turmeric, one fourth cup of chandan, black chickpeas (chana) powder, some milk and multani mitti. Use this daily as your body wash and you will be delighted to see the healthy glow on your skin.

#4. Substitute for shampoo

Replacing your shampoo with multani mitti is one of the best gifts you can give your hair. It acts as a mild cleansing agent that will not only get rid of the excessive oil from your scalp, but will also condition it deeply. Multani mitti removes all the dirt from your hair without washing away the natural moisturizers.

#5. Get rid of split ends

A multani mitti hair pack is all you need if you want to get rid of your split ends! Oil your hair overnight and in the morning wrap a towel dipped in hot water around it. After an hour, wash your hair with a paste of multani mitti and curd. Next day, shampoo your hair and apply your conditioner. Use this pack every week and your split ends will definitely disappear.

#6. Improves blood circulation

Multani mitti paste is very soothing and can improve the blood circulation in your body. All you have to do is simply apply the mixture on your tired limbs and you will start feeling better in no time.

#7. Hot and cold compresses

If you are suffering from muscle cramps, burns, insect bites or even menstrual pain, you can use multani mitti as either a hot or a cold compress. Just mix it with either warm or cold water and apply the paste on the affected area. If you are badly sunburnt and want to soothe your skin, you can apply the paste on your entire body. However, avoid the chest area as this paste is very cold and may give you a cold.

#8. Stain remover

Multani mitti is used to absorb stubborn stains like grease, oil and even blood on your clothes. Just wet the stained area and rub multani mitti on it till the stain vanishes.

Besides being used as a face pack, multani mitti certainly has so many other uses. So make use of it for shiny hair, beautiful skin, a healthy body and clean clothes.

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Natural And Easy Ways To Remove Facial Tanning

Tanning remains a persistent problem with the onset of the long summer season. The summer sun is harsh enough to cause damage to any exposed skin, which induces dryness, rough patches and overall discolouration. While over-the-counter creams and lotions can reduce the intensity of the tanning, they cannot remove it completely. For those with sensitive skins, who cannot use chemically-formulated products, getting rid of tanning becomes an even bigger issue. Thus, take a look at some easy and natural ways of removing sun tan and soothing the affected skin.

#1. Anti-tan face pack

You can use various types of flours to make daily anti-tanning face packs. It is best to use jau (barley), gram or oats flour, as they exfoliate the skin in the most gentle and effective manner.

Try This Pack: One such face mask that is quite effective in removing sun tan can be made by mixing equal quantities of gram flour, lime juice and curd together. Apply this pack on your skin for few minutes, daily, for visible results.

#2. Anti-tan face scrub

Exfoliating your skin with a natural face scrub, at least twice a week, is a good trick to get rid of the effects of sun tanning. Scrubbing helps to remove the dead and darker layer of the skin.

Try This Pack: To make an effective pack-cum-scrub at home, mix some sugar with an essential oil. Add a few teaspoons of honey and few drops of lemon juice to it. Mix the ingredients vigorously until they turn into a smooth-textured paste. Presence of honey and lemon ensure that the scrubbing does not cause any harm to the skin, and vitamin C of lemon acts like an antiseptic for the skin.

#3. Neutralise skin-darkening

To ensure that the skin-darkening effects of tanning are neutralised, you need to use a face pack aimed specifically at lightening your skin tone. The safest option is to use a turmeric and sandalwood pack. Both these ingredients are commonly found in many skin creams and are easily available.

Try This Pack: Take equal amounts of turmeric and sandalwood powder and mix them with some rose water. Keep this pack on your face for at least 25 minutes before rinsing it off.

#4. Single ingredient for multiple benefits

Natural ingredients such as aloe vera and coconut oil are very effective on sun tanning and skin dryness. Apply some coconut oil to provide your skin a protective layer against sun damage. Apply some pure aloe vera gel on your skin, during the night, to soooth the affected skin. Curd also works quite effectively on getting rid of the sun tan. Applying curd on the affected areas not only acts as a natural bleaching agent, but also soothes your skin.

#5. Keep away from tanning foods

This might come as a shock to you but there are certain foods that have skin tanning properties. These food items are commonly used by those who wish to get a natural skin tan. Some such common foods are:

Eggs It is high in vitamin A and high-density Lipoproteins. A higher yolk intake and application has been adopted in various skin tanning formulas, in the West.

Carrots– Even though they are good for your diet, carrots contains carotene, which promotes skin colouration.

#6. Protect your skin

Besides these natural anti-tanning remedies and precautions, the most basic and potent solution remains restricting your skin’s exposure to sunlight. Use everything at your disposal, such as wearing anti-glares, covering yourself with a hat or stole, or using an umbrella while out in the sun. It is best that you avoid stepping out during afternoons, or choose to walk in shade when you are out. It is always better to be go for the precautions rather than searching for the cures.

We hope these methods will help you keep tanning at bay.

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Skin Care Tips For A Healthy Glow

Skin Care Tips

Think summer and heat, humidity and pollution top the list. While extreme heat and weather conditions can cause hormonal imbalance, prolonged sun exposure can lead to an early appearance of wrinkles and premature ageing. So, here are ten tips for healthy skin.

Summer skin care requires only a small amount of effort on your part, as long as you follow a proper regime. Regular application of sunscreen and hydrating facials are best defenses against the sun and other forms of skin aberrations.

Look for zinc oxide as a key ingredient in your products as it will protect the skin from harsh rays. Also, look up for ingredients such as aloe vera or chamomile for a soothing effect, and products with vitamin C.

The delicate skin around the eyes tends to become thinner due to over exposure to the sun and heat. Keep the area hydrated by using a light under eye cream. When stored in refrigerator, an eye cream will aid in cooling down eyes.


To avoid excess oil on your face, do not make the mistake of skipping your daily mosituriser, instead apply a waterbased moisturiser during hot sweltering summer days.

Since your skin tends to lose lot of water during hot summer months, replenish the water balance in your skin through the day. Drink at least eight to 10 glasses of water everyday to flush out toxins. Besides this, hydration also aids in delaying wrinkles and dryness caused by ageing. For an added advantage, add extra herbs and spices into your water to cool down your pitta dosha.


Replenish your skin instantly with a boost of antioxidants mixed with water. Go for hydra facials every once or twice a month depending on the skin type.


A good sunscreen with SPF acts like oxygen to your skin. Apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going outdoors especially between11am and 3pm, when the sun is at its peak and its rays the strongest. Don’t forget to touch up your sunscreen every three hours, if you have prolonged exposure to sun.

Heat and humidity leads to build up of oil and sebum on skin surface. Use a toner to keep your pores closed and skin cool. Besides removing residual dirt and oil, it will also aid in maintaining the pH balance of the skin.

Depending on your skin type, exfoliate on a regular basis. Go for exfoliation once a week if you have dry skin, else scrub off to remove the oil build up.


As you layer your face with a moisturiser and sunscreen, spray your face with a facial mist twenty minutes after the sunscreen has settled into your skin. Facial mists keep the face feeling refreshed and moisturised throughout the day.

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