Go bananas for beauty!

bananas for beauty

While it is known that this humble fruit may have a host of health benefits, bananas also offer several beauty benefits. Available throughout the year, bananas are a powerhouse of nutrients and are great for your skin and hair as well. Here are some benefits…

– The fruit contains generous amounts of vitamin C and B6, which ensure that your skin remains supple and elastic. Apart from that, bananas also have antioxidants that protect your skin from premature ageing.

– The water content present in bananas keeps your skin well hydrated so that it doesn’t get flaky and dry. It works as a great moisturiser as well. This is because it comprises vitamin A, which helps your skin recover the moisture it has lost.

– One of the best ways to moisturise your skin is to use a mashed banana and liberally rub it all over your face and neck. After leaving the pulp on your face for about half an hour, wash it off.

– You also treat pigmented skin with bananas. Simply add a tablespoon of honey to banana pulp and apply it on your skin.

– Have to go to an important function and don’t have time to visit the parlour? Simply take a banana and add yogurt, honey and almonds to it. Make a paste and apply it all over your face. Not only will this moisturise your face but also remove excess oil and add a glow to your skin.

– For those who want to get rid of marks and scars left on the skin due to acne and pimples, bananas are a helpful aid. The vitamin C they contain lightens blemishes caused by skin aggravation.

– Bananas also work as great exfoliators. Simply mix jaggery and mashed bananas together and use the paste as a scrub on your face and neck.

– Is the skin on your hands and heels dry, flaky or cracked? Let a banana come to your rescue. Simply mix mashed banana with some rose water and apply on the affected areas.

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Try Curd For Skin and Hair Care Today!

Curd For Skin and Hair Care

While eating curd will benefit your body internally, applying it directly on your face and scalp has beauty benefits. Chuck expensive salon treatments and give yourself a hair and skin makeover at home using curd.

Benefits of curd for your skin

Removes tan

Undue sun exposure can give you a tanned appearance which also results in an uneven skin tone. Though you cannot get rid of it in one go, using this paste regularly will help regain your original complexion. Mix gram flour or besan with curd and lime juice and apply on the tanned skin. Keep for 15 minutes and wash off with water. You can also try these 8 easy ways to get rid of suntan.

Gives you that glow

Add a natural glow to your skin with this home-made pack of curd, masoor dal and dried orange peel. Grind them together with a few drops of honey and apply on the face for 15 minutes. You may want to try using tulsi or basil for glowing skin.

Reduces scars

If you have an acne scar or an insect bite which has left a mark, apply curd diluted with water on it to not only cool it but also lighten it. Curd contains zinc which lightens blemishes and provides relief from the redness. Here are 6 home remedies to help lighten acne marks.

Prevents acne

If you have oily skin, you are prone to breakouts or acne. To prevent this, make a past of curd mixed with some turmeric powder or haldi, some sugar and sandalwood powder or chandan. Now massage this on your face and rinse it with cold water after some time. Here are other beauty benefits of chandan or sandalwood.

Benefits of curd for your hair

Tames frizzy hair

People with curly locks often end up with a lot of frizz. In order make it more manageable make a paste using 3 tablespoons of curd, 2 tablespoons of coconut oil, and 4 tablespoons of aloe vera gel. Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for half-an-hour. Wash away with a mild shampoo. You could also make your own argan oil serum for frizzy hair.

Keeps dandruff at bay

Curd has anti-fungal properties which makes it apt for getting rid of dandruff. Take a cup full of curd and stir it well to smooth out any lumps. Now slather it on your scalp and let it stay for an hour before you wash your hair thoroughly. You could also get rid of dandruff with apple cider vinegar.

Reduces hair fall

Don’t lose your mind over hair loss, control it with curd. Make a paste of curd and some ground fenugreek seeds or methi. Apply it on your scalp regularly, at least 45 minutes before your hair wash to see results. You may like to know how onion helps reduce hair fall.

Gives your hair the lost shine 

Whip half cup of curd with 2 tablespoons of almond oil and 2 eggs. This paste may be a bit messy but will give you good results. Apply it on your scalp as well as hair and wear a plastic cap to let it nourish your hair. Wash away with a shampoo after 30 minutes.

Makes your hair silky

To make your mane silky, you need to give it ample protein and nourishment. Make a rich paste of curd, eggs, lemon juice and honey and apply. For easy management, tie your hair into a bun. Wash it after a good 30 minutes.

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8 Bizarre beauty hacks that really work

Beauty Hacks

1. Baby powder eyelashes: Forget clumpy eyeliner and the annoying glue of false eyelashes. Baby powder is the new path to longer, fuller lashes. Just a dab between two coats of mascara, and you’ve got thicker lashes than a pair of falsies.

2. Wing it out: We have all battled with shaky and blurred lines in vintage winged eyeliner land, but now the modern era credit cards have come to our rescue. Angle the card at the end of your lashline and follow it with your pen liner for a perfect wing.

3. Burn for black: Get a gel liner from a regular kajal pencil. Heat your regular pencil to slightly melt it darker and more gel-like. Just let it cool a little before you apply it.

4. Give me red: Blot your matte lipstick with a tissue, and brush with a dry powder to keep it lasting longer. Swaipe on another coat of lipstick.

5.T op coat hack: Seal the edge of your nail, after your second coat, by bringing the brush over the tip from left to right to make your manicure last longer than just two days.

6. Plump it up: A drop of peppermint oil in your lip gloss does a great job as a lip plumper.

7. Baking soda shine: For shinier teetch, mix a few teaspoons in a little lemon juice and brush for about 2 minutes. Greasy roots can easily be fixed with some baking soda—when rubbed into your hair, the soda works like a dry shampoo and absorbs all the oil.

8. White nail polish for more pop: To make bright polish brighter, use a white polish as a base-coat to make your polish pop.

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