Natural beauty tip #2: Get soft hands this winter with coconut oil and honey

Get soft hands

With the cold weather seeping in, it’s time to update your skincare and beauty regime. You would notice your hands go unnecessarily dry and flaky; almost looking lifeless; honey and coconut oil would serve well to get rid of this dryness. Know how to get rid of itchy skin with these natural remedies.

Honey acts a ‘moisture-trapper’ for the skin and keeps it well intact to ensure the needed skin hydration. It is also often used to exfoliate the skin as it deep-cleanses and nourishes. Similarly, coconut oil is a great moisturising agent and is used as a base in moisturising lotions and home-made scrubs. It’s a soothing way to soften skin and cuticles, serving as beneficial massage oil. Sugar too contributes in moisturising and controls skin damage. Here is how you could use these ingredients to soften dry and flaky hands:


  • Take some honey, coconut oil and sugar according to the area of application.
  • Mix these ingredients into a fine paste and massage thoroughly.
  • Leave this paste on for 2 minutes and wash with lukewarm water.
  • Do this at least twice a week for desired results.



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