Homemade teeth whitening remedy

  • Start with wiping your teeth with a cotton swab to get any excess saliva and plaque off your teeth.
  • Now let’s prepare the mixture. So I have my Lemon juice made from a freshly squeezed lemon and my baking soda. Chemicals in baking soda break down the discoloration of your teeth, instead of just bleaching it like many strips or gels do. In a small bowl, mix both ingredients till there is a slight bubble.
  • Using a Q-tip gently coat your teeth with the mixture and leave it on for exactly 1 minute.
  • Don’t leave it on longer than a minute or else acidity from the lemon and abrasiveness of the baking soda can erode your tooth enamel.
  • Rinse out with water and brush your teeth with fluoride toothpaste normally. Brushing and rinsing in generally are extremely important and are major part of good oral hygiene. You should rinse with a little baking soda after each meal to prevent dark spots on your teeth!
  • Use this treatment in conjunction with good oral hygiene and diet once every 2-3 weeks. Frequent use can also erode enamel.

Source Via: http://www.mdhil.com/homemade-teeth-whitening-remedy-natural-beauty-hindi/


What is  Ebola ?

It’s a virus that attacks a person’s blood system:

Ebola is what scientists call a hemorrhagic fever – it operates by making its victims bleed from almost anywhere on their body. Usually victims bleed to death.

Ebola is highly contagious; Being transmitted via contact with body fluids such as blood, sweat, saliva, semen or other body discharges.

Ebola is however NOT AN AIRBORNE VIRUS!

EXTREMELY deadly: About 90% of people that catch Ebola will die from it. It’s one of the deadliest diseases in the world, killing in just a few weeks.

Untreatable(no cure): Ebola has no known treatment or cure. Victims are usually treated for symptoms with the faint hope that they recover.

How Do I Know Someone has Ebola?

•Fever •Headache •Diarrhea •Vomiting •Weakness •Joint Muscle pains •Stomach Pain •Lack of Appetite

Protect Yourself: Wash Your Hands with Soap Do this a lot. You can also use a good hand sanitizer. Avoid unnecessary physical contact with people.

■Restrict yourself to food you prepared yourself.

■Disinfect Your Surroundings The virus cannot survive disinfectants,heat, direct sunlight,detergents and soaps.

Clean up!: Fumigate If you have Pests.Rodents can be carriers of Ebola. Fumigate your environment dispose off the carcasses properly! Dead bodies CAN still transmit Ebola. Don’t touch them without protective gear or better yet avoid them altogether.

Protect Yourself: Use protective gear if you must care or go near someone you suspect has Ebola.

Report: Report any suspicious symptoms in yourself or anyone else IMMEDIATELY.

Do not delay!

An All-Natural Lip Plumper & Other Surprising Beauty Uses for Cinnamon

Surprising Beauty Uses for Cinnamon
Story Highlights
  • Cinnamon is antioxidant-rich and has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  • The herb is effective in a variety of beauty and health uses, including as a lip plumper and an acne reliever
  • Cinnamon can be utilized in a variety of ways: brewed, sucked on and applied on to skin or hair as an oil or powder

Cinnamon isn’t just for cooking. The antioxidant-rich, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory spice is also a beauty powerhouse, with uses so vast, you might be better off moving it from your kitchen cupboard to your bathroom cabinet. Check out our seven favorite ways to use the stuff.

Hand sanitizer

A 2009 study found that when applied liberally to hands, cinnamon oil was as effective an antibacterial agent as some commercial sanitizers.

Acne reliever

Some natural-health practitioners believe that the antiseptic properties of cinnamon can help kill the bacteria that causes acne when applied topically as an oil or in a paste concocted from the powdered spice.

Breath freshener

This one might be obvious given the prevalence of cinnamon in products like toothpaste and mouthwash, but the spice is a terrific breath freshener. To use it for this application, suck on whole cinnamon stick or brew some tea with a little bundle of them.

Scalp cleanser

Since powdered cinnamon acts as an exfoliant and has been theorized to bring blood to the scalp, it can help clean and nourish the area. To use it, mix one part ground cinnamon with two and a half parts honey and four parts warmed olive oil. Massage the mixture into the scalp. Leave on for 15 minutes and then wash your hair as usual.

Body scrub

Try blending one half cup coconut oil (make sure its temperature exceeds 75°, the point at which it turns from solid to liquid) with two cups of sugar, a tablespoon cinnamon, two teaspoons of honey — or get creative with your own combos.

Article Source: http://www.ivillage.com/surprising-beauty-uses-cinnamon/p1080430

Beauty Uses for Vaseline: Petroleum Jelly for Skin & Hair

CUTICLE CREAM: Keep a little tub of the stuff by the sink and work into cuticles twice a day. It’s all you’ll need to prevent hangnails.

FACIAL MOISTURIZER: Because it’s non-comedogenic, petroleum jelly is perfect for locking in moisture without risking breakouts.

EYEBROW TAMER: Control errant hairs and shape brows by brushing on a tiny dab of petroleum jelly using a toothbrush.

DIY LIP PLUMPER: A pinch of cinnamon or cayenne turns Vaseline into a lip plumper that rivals anything you can buy at the beauty counter.

NAIL POLISH NEATENER: Before applying polish, trace petroleum jelly over cuticles and the skin around your nails using an eyeliner brush or pointed cotton swab. If you then accidentally paint a little outside the lines you can just wipe off the mistakes after lacquer dries.

SHOE POLISH: If you don’t have standard polish on hand, shine and soften shoes almost as well by rubbing on Vaseline and buffing off the excess.

EYE MAKEUP REMOVER: Just a dab instantly breaks up the toughest mascaras and waterproof liners, while leaving skin around the eyes moisturized.

HAIR DYE STAIN PREVENTER: Keep hair dyes from staining your forehead and ears by rubbing a thin layer of petroleum jelly just below your hairline and over each ear before coloring hair.

PERFUME PROLONGER: Smooth a bit of petroleum jelly on your skin wherever you’re going to apply perfume, and spray as usual. It will help the scent to stick.

MAKESHIFT MASCARA: Sweep on a light coating of petroleum jelly instead of mascara. It fakes the appearance of longer, thicker lashes, but looks much more natural.

PATENT LEATHER POLISH: Petroleum jelly revives the glossy shine of patent leather accessories.

LIPSTICK STAIN REMOVER: The next time you get lip-color on clothing, blot petroleum jelly on the spot as a pre-treatment, then launder as usual.

RING REMOVER: Unstick a ring by using petroleum jelly as a lubricant.

OVERNIGHT HAND & FOOT SOFTENER: Avoid having to constantly reapply hand lotion throughout the day by slathering your hands and feet in petroleum jelly and wearing socks and gloves to bed. By morning, they’ll be soft and smooth — and will stay that way.

LUMINIZER: Petroleum jelly can be used on its own as makeup to add a little shine to eyelids cheekbones or lips, creating a surprisingly luxe looking sheen for such an affordable formula.

BODY SCRUB: Concoct your own at-home exfoliator by mixing Vaseline with Epsom salt or brown sugar.

PREVENT ‘CHUB RUB’: If you’re a runner (or just have some extra soft spots), rub petroleum jelly wherever you tend to chafe. It’ll lubricate and protect skin.

Source: http://www.ivillage.com/uses-vaseline-petroleum-jelly-skin-hair/5-a-536697